What My Students Say...

I Wish I Had Known This Years Ago!

Hi Laura,

Just a few notes about the Infant Massage class I took from you. I am so excited to be a CIMI!! What a joy to be able to give my babies more than feedings and diaper changes!!

I have changed my approach to caregiving. Instead of going to the bedside turning my baby over and beginning care, I have now developed a routine in which I introduce myself, “warm my hands” close to the baby’s head and ask “are you ready for me to start your care?”

As I move through the assessment, I am telling the baby what I am going to do before starting.

I have noticed the baby has less change in heart rate and respiratory rate during care time and goes to sleep sooner after care-time. I also attempt to position the baby in proper body alignment so they look comfortable before leaving the bedside. From a long time NICU nurse, I wish I had known this years ago.

PS: I forgot to mention that one infant that was having large amounts of aspirates, emesis and poor stooling patterns. When I started caring for this infant he had a full abdomen and had not stooled for 24 hours. I did spider walks each care time which stimulated stooling and passage of gas. By the end of my 12-hour shift, his abdominal circumference had decreased by two centimeters, aspirate volume was down and no emesis.

I was so excited to see him feel better and tolerate feeds better.

– Nelvean Mack, RN – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse

I Loved Taking This Course!

I loved taking this course last weekend! The small class size allows for awesome discussion and Laura is great about giving examples from using massage in her own practice. I highly recommend taking this course if you’re wanting to add new techniques to your practice! I can’t wait to see it’s benefits with the kiddos on my caseload!

– Hannah Little, Occupational Therapist

This Course Was Excellent!

This course was excellent! I have been using the methods in my therapy sessions with great success. Families love having that bonding experience with their child. I highly recommend this and Laura is an awesome instructor!

Kelly Hummert

Greatly Enhanced My Practice

I thoroughly enjoyed Laura’s class. The massage instruction has greatly enhanced my practice as a PT and the lives of my patients and their families.

Lindsay Royal, Physical Therapist